International Milestone RCC Project

To recognize major achievements of dam technology and define milestone projects in this field, with the support of international experts, CHINCOLD and SPANCOLD initiated the International Milestone Project Award on RCC Dams. This proposal gained the support of ICOLD and the positive responses from many ICOLD National Committees.

The milestone projects are representative of the main achievements in dam projects until now, and they are also the basis for the new projects. The experiences of them can be used as a valuable reference for the future developments.

There are a great number of RCC dams constructed in the world. A number of them were recognized as International Milestone RCC Projects at the past Symposiums on RCC dams. The main basic eligibility criteria for an International Milestone RCC Dam Project must include:

(1) Technical innovation in d esign, construction, operation or other aspects.

(2) Good performance after completion.

(3) Attention during the construction and operation stages to environmental protection and social aspects.

(4) Attention paid to raising awareness of technical achievements and advanced experience.

The Organizing Committee of the 8th Symposium on RCC Dams would like to invite experts and countries to recommend some projects as Candidate of International Milestone RCC Dam Projects.

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Symposium Program

Chinese National Committee on Large Dams (CHINCOLD) and Spanish National Committee on Large Dams (SPANCOLD) have the honor to invite professionals to the 8th International Symposium on Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dams, which will be held on Nov. 11th-12th, 2019 in Kunming City, China, together with the CHINCOLD 2019 Annual Meeting.

RCC dams have the virtues of saving a great deal of concrete, building quickly, making project cost down and early bringing into playing project advantages and so on. Hence, the technique of constructing dams has been quickly spread and applied since it came out. Today there are more than 400 RCC dams in more than 40 countries. Great successful experiences and advanced technologies have been achieved. CHINCOLD and SPANCOLD have devoted to promote the technology from early 1990’s. The first Symposium on RCC dams was jointly organized by the two committees in 1991 in Beijing China, which was a success start of the series of RCC Symposiums.

Following those successful and fruitful Symposiums held in Beijing (China) in 1991, Santander (Spain) in 1995, Chengdu (China) in 1999, Madrid (Spain) in 2003, Zaragoza (Spain) in 2012 and Chengdu (China) in 2015, the coming one jointly organized by CHINCOLD and SPANCOLD, will continue to contribute significantly to the knowledge and application of RCC technology with a wide range of contents and international scope. The Symposium will serve as a perfect venue for practitioners, engineers, researchers, scientists, managers and decision makers from all over the world to exchange ideas and technology about the latest developments dealing with RCC dams.

Beside international best practice, the participants will also have the occasion to visit some famous RCC dams in China in operation or under construction, such as Huangdeng RCC Gravity Dam (H=203m), Jin’anqiao RCC Gravity Dam (H=160m), Dachaoshan RCC Gravity Dam (H=115m), Dahuaqiao RCC Gravity Dam (H=107m) and etc. Also a technical exhibition for enterprises related to hydropower and dams will be held during the Symposium.

Friday- Sunday, 8-10 November

Pre-Symposium Study Tour

Sunday 10 November


Monday 11 November

Opening Ceremony, Awarding Ceremony, Plenary conference

Tuesday 12 November

RCC Symposium, Closing Ceremony

Wednesday- Friday, 13-15 November

Post-Symposium Study Tours