International Milestone RCC Project

In order to summarize the important technical achievements in dam construction of RCC Dam Projects and identify the milestone dam projects, the Chinese National Committee on Large Dams (CHINCOLD) and Spanish National Committee on Large Dams (SPANCOLD) would like to jointly organize appraisal of the 5th International Milestone RCC Projects, following the past successful and fruitful awards in the year of 2007, 2012, 2015 and 2019, respectively.


The International Milestone RCC Dam Project Award was set up to award rockfill dam projects in 2007 by CHINCOLD and SPANCOLD. Together with International Milestone Rockfill Dam Project Award in 2009 (co-organized by CHINCOLD and CBDB) and International Milestone Concrete Dam Project in 2009 (co-organized by CHINCOLD and USSD), it is collectively referred to as the International Milestone Dam Project Award.

The milestone projects are representatives of the main achievements in different dam projects until now, and they are also the basis for the new projects. The experiences of them can be used as a valuable reference for the future developments. It has attracted attention of more than 30 countries since the year of 2007. There are 60 projects awarded from 21 countries, such as Austria, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey and USA.

Regulations apply to the award:


Open for all member countries of ICOLD. Experts in the relevant field of RCC dams and Cemented Material Dams (CMD) are also welcome to recommend the international milestone RCC dam projects.

Type of dam:

Referring to the RCC Dams and Cemented Material Dams (CMD)


Diploma and medal


The recommended RCC Dam Project should fulfill the following requirements:

  • The project is well known in the world. Its innovation of dam design and construction is significant, which can be used for reference by other projects ;
  • The project has been completed and been in good operation for more than 3 years;
  • During the dam construction and management, measures have been taken to improve the environment and resettlement. The project has achieved great benefits in hydropower generation, flood control, irrigation, water supply and etc. and has played important roles in promoting the social and economic development of the dam area;
  • The relevant innovative achievements have been well applied in 2 or more projects, and achieved great social, economic and ecological benefits.


An international expert panel would be established to appraisal recommended projects according to the discussion among co-organizers, including the President of ICOLD, President of CHINCOLD and President of SPANCOLD according to the past practices

Award Ceremony:

The winning projects will be awarded at the Opening Ceremony of the 9th International Symposium on RCC Dams and Cemented Material Dams (CMD), which will be held on 4th-8th December, 2023, in Guangzhou, China.


The application documents for the nominated project can be download at and shall be submitted before 30th September by email to

More information on the awarded International Milestone Rockfill Dam Projects could be visited at:

Important Dates
Full paper submission deadline
Notification from paper review process
Deadline for presentation submission
Symposium Program

Spanish National Committee on Large Dams (SPANCOLD), Japan Commission on Large Dams (JCOLD), French Committee on Large Dams (CFBR) and Chinese National Committee on Large Dams (CHINCOLD) have the honor to invite professionals to the 9th International Symposium on Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dams and Cemented Material Dams, which will be held in Dec.4th-8th,2023 in Guangzhou City, China.

RCC dams have the virtues of saving a great deal of concrete, building quickly, making project cost down and early bringing into playing project advantages and so on. Hence, the technique of constructing dams has been quickly spread and applied since it came out. Today there are more than 400 RCC dams in more than 40 countries. Great successful experiences and advanced technologies have been achieved. CHINCOLD and SPANCOLD have devoted to promote the technology from early 1990’s. The first Symposium on RCC dams was jointly organized by the two committees in 1991 in Beijing China, which was a success start of the series of RCC Symposiums.

Cemented Material Dam (CMD) is a new type of dams, which includes Hardfill dam, Cemented Sand and Gravel dam (CSG), Cemented Sand, Gravel and Rock dam (CSGR), Rock-filled Concrete dam (RCD), Cemented Soil dam (CSD), and so on. There are more than 200 CMD projects constructed and under construction.

The 9th International Symposium on Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dams and Cemented Material Dams will provide a platform for practitioners, engineers, researchers, scientists, managers and decision makers from all over the world to exchange ideas and technology about the latest developments dealing with RCC dams and CMDs. Beside international best practice, the participants will also have the occasion to visit some famous RCC dams and CMDs in China in operation or under construction.

Dec. 3


Dec. 4

Opening Ceremony, Awarding Ceremony, Symposium

Dec. 5

Symposium, Round Table Forum, Closing Ceremony

Dec. 6-8

Study Tours